In the Splash Broadcasting control panel you’ll discover a handy website generation tool that you can use to produce a new, stylish site by yourself. It’s really easy and simple to learn, even if you aren’t well versed in site building. The builder offers quite a lot of design themes available in a plethora of color configurations that you can change to your preference. And last but not least, your site will look superb across phones, tablets and computers!

The website generation tool is present with all Linux cloud packages, Linux VPS hosting packages, Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages, and Linux dedicated servers hosting packages offers which can be purchased with the Splash Broadcasting Hosting Control Panel.

An easy–to–use website generation tool

No programming know–how is required

The website generation tool incorporated into the Splash Broadcasting dashboard is pretty convenient to use. It permits you to jumpstart your own site with simple point and click commands. You do not need to learn CSS or any other backend language. If you’ve ever used an app or maybe a text editing tool, you will know how to use the website generation tool.

With the tool’s interface, you can re–order page contents as you wish and set your own style with a mouse click. Also, you could embed photos, videos, and even your own blog, etc. in seconds.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A variety of easy to re–design website themes

Stylish templates that look impeccable across all devices

Regardless of what type of website you wish to design, the Splash Broadcasting’s website generation tool will have a value to you. It has a vast library of totally free design themes that are ideal for any sort of websites – personal pages, ecommerce stores, community portals, to name a few.

To make your site even more compelling from the very start you should make use of the range of unique layouts and color configurations included with every theme. Last but not least, every theme features native support for more than a hundred fonts which you can play with with just a click. And last but not least, you’ll have immediate access to a big library of pre–made images.

If you want to replace your website theme further down the road, all modifications you’ve completed will be switched over to the new template as well.

A variety of easy to re–design website themes

Integrated help area and step–by–step videos

Discover exactly how simple it really is to jumpstart a site

The Splash Broadcasting’s website generation tool offers a help area which features very detailed step–by–step articles and videos provoked by the most frequently asked questions by clients.

You can watch how to change your website template and create an all new web page. In addition, you will be able to see exactly how you can select a different website template or even embed a blog onto your website.

Moreover, you can reach out to us round–the–clock if you require immediate assistance with your site.

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